The work

Let thy speech be better than silence, or be silent.

A few words

Great theater is by no means an imitation of life, but a reflection of truth. From its ancient conception in Greece, theater had a therapeutic function and was used to heal the soul. And to this day a person comes to the theater to find the truth. The success of a performance is determined by the extent to which the actors incarnate and convey the truth – and the audience receives it. Both sides, performer and viewer, are interdependent on each other. Both are active participants. The great founder of modern acting K.S. Stanislavsky wrote: “And where there is truth and faith, there is genuine, productive, expedient action, there is experience, and the subconscious, and creativity, and art” (An actor works on himself, published posthumously in 1938). The leading voice coach of our time Patsy Rodenburg noticed that the success of the transmission of the truth, and its acceptance, depends on the degree of presence of the artist and the audience. Presence is participation in relationships with the maximum degree of attention, openness, contact; giving and receiving; mutual trust and intention.As a practitioner and teacher of homeopathic and obstetric arts, presence for me is paramount: I know that until the doctor learns to really be present with the patient (and vice versa), nothing will work. This is the scourge of modern medicine and the reason for the mass hatred of it. Most patients feel they are not being heard by doctors. Doctors, in light of their inattention and lack of contact, do not catch the diagnoses.

Why do we need to learn presence? Presence is essential for the lived life. The present person is alert, responsive to the environment, defines their own safety boundaries, and develops healthy relationships. The present artist feels the actions and even the thoughts of other artists on stage, as well as the reactions of the audience. The present mother genuinely hears her children, is interested in their questions, excitement, and also joy.

The present person not only hears others but is heard. Speakers are able to convey their message so that is is received. The doctor grasps a diagnosis more easily, and the present patient is able to express their feelings with more trust. Presence provides the basis for love in all our relationships.

The methodology for acquiring your present voice involves working with body, breath and voice. Analogous to the creation of man: And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul (Genesis 2:7). Our body is formed from the earth itself. A clear, pleasant voice is based on correctly set breathing. Proper breathing permeates the entire body and has its foundation in a balanced body. With the body we are connected in a state of full presence with the earth. The breath of life breathed into us in our incarnation became both the requirement and the proof of our life. It is our inspiration: the grace of all of creation. In the state of full presence, we breathe in this grace and give it back to the surrounding world. Such harmonious breathing provides the foundation for a normal voice. The voice is the instrument of conveying each person’s word – their individual and unique expression.

This work changes people’s lives. It has applications in all areas and professions.

We use texts of the greatest poets and playwrights to help you express universal truths with your unique voice. People from all walks of life, professionals and amateurs, in various states of health and illness, from children to the elderly, participate in this work. Through the methodology developed by Patsy Rodenburg and my own lifetime experience as a holistic health practitioner, I am honored to assist you in finding and using your present voice.