Morphology: embodiment and its significance for midwifery, homeopathy, and the manifestation of presence (e-book)

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Morphology is the science of the form and structure of the human body. The body, maintains Molly Caliger, is the explicate expression of the soul. Observation of specific bodily characteristics therefore gives us information about a person’s physical and mental predispositions, expanding a holistic understanding of the person, and increasing our ability to diagnose and prognose. Drawing on over thirty years’ experience as a midwife, homeopath, and voice coach, Molly proposes that the pelvis is the key to the entire morphological mosaic. Its significance as the seat of sexuality, creation, and new life is a given, but it reveals detailed information about an individual. It is the key to understanding a person’s tendencies, latent or expressed, and therefore is irreplaceable for making prognoses and understanding constitution and miasms, personality and psychology, potential course of labor and childbirth, ease or difficulty in being present, ability to discover and use the natural voice to full capacity, and facility with forming meaningful relationships. The author combines wisdom from a myriad of sources including classical Russian midwifery, modern obstetrics, classical homeopathy, alchemy and quantum physics, Orthodox Christian theology, cultural anthropology, and much more. This book represents a paradigm shift in holistic health practices. It is bound to become part of the reference library of anyone who is in the vocation of working with people for healing and transformation.

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