Molly Caliger

My soul must be transformed into passion, into love, and into action to accept that it exists.


Molly Caliger was born in the USA in 1960. Her family moved around a lot and she grew up mostly in Westchester county, New York, and a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. At the age of 15 she discovered the books of Dostoevsky and thus began a lifelong love affair with the Russian people.

At 17 she initiated her higher education at Columbia College, Chicago, studying art and theatre, and then transferred to the University of Iowa, where she earned her BA in cultural anthropology and Russian in 1983.

Adult years


After the birth of her first child in 1986 she began studying midwifery and in 1989 became a licensed midwife in El Paso, Texas, and later a Certified Professional Midwife. She founded The Russian Birth Project in 1992, as an independent and innovative solution for dissolving cold war tensions. The project was a midwifery internship for American midwives in Russian maternity hospitals, and that year Molly emigrated to Russia. Approximately 100 interns participated in the project over the course of 14 years.Molly earned her DHom (doctor of homeopathy) credential from The School of Homeopathy (Devon, England) in 1997 and was subsequently licensed as a Homeopathic Practitioner in Nevada (1998). In 2006 she founded Tropos School of Classical Homeopathy and Midwifery for Russian-speaking students and the school functions to this day as the only program in Russia offering a comprehensive, 5-year homeopathic education. 

In addition

In addition, she received a diploma in Orthodox Christian Studies (Cambridge, England), in 2011.  She sang for many years in the Russian Orthodox Church.

She has published articles in homeopathic and theological journals, and has written several books in Russian and English. In 2023 her first English-language book was published: Morphology: embodiment and its significance for midwifery, homeopathy, and the manifestation of presence (purchase ebook here).

From 2018-19 Molly taught theatre-as-homeopathy to the students of the Tabakov School of the theatrical arts in Moscow. In 2019 she began studying voice and presence with Patsy Rodenburg and in 2022 became a Patsy Rodenburg Associate, giving her the qualifications to teach voice and presence according to the methodology of the world’s leading voice coach.

Molly has been leading 2-3 day group seminars in voice and presence since 2019. She brings a lifetime of experience in holistic healthcare to her work. Molly lives and works in both Russia and Greece, and frequently visits the USA.