Corporate Presence

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

The challenge and the solution

You seek to land your dream job. There are numerous other candidates who want the same job, and are similarly or even more qualified than yourself. What will make the difference in who gets selected? The answer is simple:

Presence and voice.

Presence. Truly being heard, and truly hearing others, is what presence is all about.

You can deliver a detailed, intelligent, distinctive speech, but if your listeners don’t connect to you, your efforts are in vain.

You can speak assertively to a potential employer during your interview, but without a present voice — you will not get the job.

Having the quality of presence is not about the volume of your voice, your self-confidence, or saying all the right things. It’s not even completely about your qualifications!

It’s about whether or not your future employer truly hears you, believes you, and trusts you.

Presence is about relationship. 

Relationship is always a give-and-take. Without adequate presence there can be no relationship. Presence is about attention, authenticity, and awareness; commitment, responsibility, and intention. These qualities build trust—the foundation of any relationship.

The present employee is a responsible employee. They understand their indispensable role in the team and therefore is reliable. Such a person is capable of being a visionary leader who instills trust in their team. Presence is the overarching quality that an employer values above all.


The Present Voice training for executives and professionals is composed of three essential skill sets, all of which are interconnected.:

  • Presence: connecting with self and others for meaningful communication and relationship;
  • Breath: using a new way of breathing as a tool for calm, productive, trusting interactions, as well as the source of your genuine voice;
  • Voice: finding your own voice both on the interpersonal and the physical level, allowing your listeners not only to hear you, but to be interested, to believe you, and to trust you. 

During our training sessions you will acquire these skills through:

  • Learning how to use your body to move as a true leader and gain the trust of those around you;
  • Memorising and then reading a short text from Shakespeare;
  • Preparing a speech ahead of time, delivering it, and receiving individual recommendations for improvement;
  • Overcome fear and anxiety through presence techniques.

Sessions are available both individually online, and in person in the form of group seminars.

Individual sessions typically consist of four weekly meetings online via Zoom of 2 hours each. Group trainings are available and take place in person for two 8-hour days, and consist of intensive, in-depth training.

The Corporate Presence training bypasses complex psycho-social approaches and provide immediate, tangible skills that can be practiced daily. These are the same skills used by leading Shakespearean theatre actors who appear on stage before thousands of people. You, too, can acquire the tools of a true leader!